How well does Nicole Kidman remember her own films?

Can she recall the tagline from her latest film Before I Go to Sleep? Erm, no....


Nicole Kidman has had plenty of hits during her 30-year career, beginning with her breakthrough Dead Calm and most recently teaming up with Colin Firth in The Railway Man and psychological thriller Before I Go To Sleep. 


“Acting with him is a dream,” she tells, “because he’s so easy and he makes everything look effortless and lifts the game. He makes me laugh and he’s a good hang.” 

The pair’s new film – which also stars Mark Strong – is adapted from S.J. Watson’s international bestseller and follows amnesiac Christine Lucas who wakes up each morning with no memory of the previous twenty years. 

So, we thought we’d stick with the theme of memory and see how well Nicole could recall her three decades on screen. We gave her the tagline, she had to guess the movie it was promoting. How did she do? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video above to find out…


Before I Go to Sleep is out today in UK cinemas nationwide