Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

8-12 September: Heath visits Darcy in the hospital, while Roo an Alf argue over her trip to Peru

Monday 8 September
Andy secretly stashes the drugs at the farmhouse and tells Josh that he has disposed of them. Hannah is unaware of the drugs when Sergeant Emerson arrives to question Andy. Darcy is missing, and Heath is beside himself with worry. Josh accuses Spencer of putting the police on to Andy, but Spencer denies it.


Tuesday 9 September
Spencer finds out who called the police, while Alf, suspicious about why Josh and Andy were fighting, does some detective work. Darcy is taken to hospital, where it is revealed that she has a broken arm. Nate is uncertain about what happened and concludes that Heath should not have custody of Darcy until the matter is investigated. Brax lashes out at Casey when he learns that things are getting serious with Denny.

Wednesday 10 September
Casey and Denny grow closer as they take a camping trip together. Brax’s outburst makes him think about why he does not want children. Ricky decides that she needs some space while he clears his head about the matter. Maddy learns that that she will have to repeat a year of school.

Thursday 11 September
Marilyn fusses over everyone in an attempt to forestall the inevitable confrontation between Alf and Roo. Maddy begins pushing everyone away as she comes to terms with the news. Phoebe meets up with a friend of a friend in order to find an apartment to rent for herself and Kyle. He quickly becomes jealous when he sees her spending time with a strange man. Phoebe pushes the boundaries again by stealing the money for the rental deposit.


Friday 12 September
Phoebe’s sneaking around causes trouble when Kyle realises that she has stolen some cash. Hannah accuses Zac of setting Andy up after he comes to see her and insists that the drugs were not his. Marilyn’s insistence on staying with Alf and Roo for longer than necessary leaves John wondering about their future together.