Will Smith gets fresh on a not-so-princely Segway

Watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor perform a dance routine on a Segway at Burning Man festival...


So, Will Smith got jiggy with it on a Segway at Burning Man festival.



Yes, it’s weird – but we’re pretty impressed by the synchronised Segway routine.

No, you can’t see the masked man’s face but a selfie Will Smith posted to his Facebook page earlier this week shows it’s almost certainly him.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking Will Smith is the only person to put Segways on the map… but you’d be wrong – and we reckon it’s high time for a celebration of the best Segway moments in the history of Segways. Just because.

Arrested Development

Gob, Michael Bluth’s arrogant older bro struggles to get up a mound on a building site. Over and over again.



At the beginning of ‘The Love you Fake’ episode in season nine, the doorbell rings and Niles Crane rolls in on a Segway, grinning serenely in a flatcap and grey suit. “Walking is but a distant memory,” he says dreamily as he roams around the flat.


Piers Morgan’s leisurely Segway journey is ruined when he manages to hit a curb and fall off.  


And finally, here’s Justin Bieber proving it’s quite hard to make a getaway on a Segway. Take note, folks.