Thom Evans has watched The Full Monty and Dirty Dancing to prepare for Strictly

Yes, it's true. The former rugby player turned model has been taking inspiration from classic dancing movies for his turn in Strictly Come Dancing...


While some contestants do sneaky dance lessons, hit the gym with extra fervour or ramp up their diet in preparation for Strictly’s gruelling training schedule, tricky moves and skimpy outfits, former Scotland rugby player Thom Evans has been doing some unusual prep… 


He’s been watching dance movies.

Yes, dance movies. The Full Monty and Dirty Dancing, to be precise. 

“In preparation for this I watched an array of films like The Full Monty, Dirty Dancing – all the big dancing films,” Evans told us at the launch of the hit Saturday night show earlier this week.

And he’s fully embracing the lessons they are teaching him. He’s even replicating iconic scenes in his day-to-day life.

“I found myself in the bank yesterday and there’s that classic scene in The Full Monty where he starts tapping his foot when the song comes on and I found myself already dancing. I think that’s such a great thing, you know it’s just the start and I’m just so passionate and excited to see where the journey takes me.”

“I’m going to throw myself fully into it because I believe that’s what Strictly’s about – the fake tan, the glitter, the sparkle. Bring it on,” he said. 

Asked if he’s poised to be the eye-candy of this year’s competition, Evans brushed us off, saying “there’s a lot of sexy contestants.” But we’d be rubbish journalists if we didn’t notice that both the films he’s been watching have a fair amount of nudity in them. 

And judging by how the nation reacted to Ben Cohen’s shirtless moments last year, we think taking note of that will stand him in good stead once he gets on the dancefloor…


Strictly Come Dancing starts on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1