Strictly Come Dancing’s Simon Webbe: I don’t usually practice anything

The Blue bandmember isn't a fan of the saying practice makes perfect...

Blue band member Simon Webbe has always exuded confidence. The man has a picture of his toned torso as his Twitter picture for crying out loud. 


And it seems that his supreme self-assurance extends to his dancing ability. 

“I don’t practice or anything like that,” he admitted to at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing earlier this week. 

“I tend to throw myself in at the deep end… I like the idea of seeing if I know anything,” he explained, before going on to say that his tactic isn’t working out quite how he’d hoped in the competition so far. “Today I kept messing up. But like you say, I’m going to take tips off everyone here and maybe I will start rehearsing.”

Whether he does or not (for the record, we really think you should, Simon) he’s sure he’ll take whatever criticism comes his way “very well.”

“I just take it as a positive,” he said. “I’ve always been like that, since I’ve been at school. No one’s perfect and if someone’s trying to help you then you take it on the chin and go with it.”

“I just hope it doesn’t affect the home viewers,” he adds. 

Nice that he’s thinking of us, eh?


Strictly Come Dancing starts on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1