Judy Murray on Strictly Come Dancing: Andy told me I’d be absolutely terrible

The tennis champ's mum hasn't had the best start to Strictly, but she's not one to give up without a fight...

Judy Murray might be a super-fit tennis coach with a history of hard work behind her, but it seems like her first few training days on Strictly Come Dancing didn’t go quite as well as hoped…


For starters she hasn’t had much support from at least one of her tennis champion sons. 

“When I said to Jamie [that I was going on Strictly] he said, ‘Oh mum, you’ll love that. You love that show’. And Andy said: ‘Oh my god. You’ll be absolutely terrible.”

And she says she was, in fact, “spectacularly bad the first two days.”

“I’m hyper. I’m a huge Strictly fun and have been for many years. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop which is probably why I can’t concentrate on the steps. My eyes are just everywhere,” she told RadioTimes.com at the launch of the hit Saturday night show earlier this week.

Not that she’s letting initial slip-ups worry her.

“I know how to train as a player and I know how to train people as a coach. I know all about repetition being the mother of skill and all the rest of it so when I was spectacularly bad the first two days I went off to HMV on Saturday morning and bought the CD that had the track on it… I was dancing to my heart’s content in my kitchen and today I feel a whole lot better.”

In fact, she’s literally practising every chance she gets: “I was actually in the steam room doing the routine by myself until I got far too hot and had to get out. So it does take over!” 

Really, not being able to pick up the steps isn’t something that’s fazing her. 

“There’s two things I’m worried about,” she told us. “I never wear heels so I’m nervous about the heels. And I’m nervous about when it goes live of just freezing and completely forgetting the routine.”


Strictly Come Dancing starts on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1