David Hasselhoff “horribly” upset by death of Baywatch theme tune singer Jimi Jamison

Hasselhoff says he found out about the death of the Survivor front man after coming off stage having just sung the 80s classic himself – but says he regrets never having met the musician

David Hasselhoff says the death of Jimi Jamison, the lead singer of rock group Survivor and the voice of the Baywatch theme tune, has upset him “horribly”.


Speaking in London to promote his new UKTV comedy Hoff the Record, Hasselhoff told RadioTimes.com that he eerily heard about the singer’s death right after performing the theme tune himself on stage during his Celebrate the 80s and 90s with the Hoff! Tour.

Hasselhoff told us:  “It totally freaked me out. I get an email, and I had just got off stage singing my version of the Baywatch theme song.

“It just upset me horribly because he is my all time favourite singer and because of that theme song, I have never had a chance to thank him, so I felt terrible.  When I heard the Baywatch theme tune again today it just hit me again. I will sit down and have a think and see what I can to live his legacy and move on.

“He was only a year older than me so it’s also kind of scary.”

The 63-year-old Jamison had performed with Survivor on Saturday and was preparing to go on a tour with the band when he suffered a heart attack at his home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Formerly the frontman with Cobra, Jamison joined Survivor in 1984, two years after they made their name with Eye of the Tiger, the hit song on Rocky III.  

But his voice has been immortalised on the well-loved Baywatch theme tune I’m Always There, which he also co-wrote.


Hoff the Record, a six-part take on Hasselhoff’s life, will air on Dave next year