John Torode on Gregg Wallace in sequins and fake tan: “He’ll love them”

MasterChef’s John Torode says his fellow judge Gregg will be just fine in the sparkly Strictly Come Dancing outfits

Gregg Wallace may be more used to a world of MasterChef aprons and chef whites, but fellow judge and chef John Torode says he’ll be just fine in the glitzy world of Strictly Come Dancing.


“I think he’ll love them,” says Torode on the sequin and fake tan makeover Wallace is bound to get.

“I hope he does very well.”

In fact, this isn’t the first time Wallace has been offered the chance to take a turn on the shiny Strictly dance floor, with Torode admitting, “We’ve both been asked many, many times to do it.”

But it doesn’t look like Torode will be getting a “SEVEN!” from Strictly head judge Len Goodman any time soon adding, “It’s not something I’m going to be doing in the future and probably will never be doing, but I wish him all the very best with it.”

Wallace hasn’t been doing any dance moves around the MasterChef kitchen that we’ve seen, but on his interest in dancing Torode says, “I think that, you know, everybody likes a dance every so often.”

While Wallace gets his head around the Tango, Torode has been busy with The National Lottery Awards. Torode was asked to present the award for the Best Health project saying the winners are great people who deserve to be honoured for “bringing older people together to create conversation and education and re-education around healthy food. It gets people out and about, gets them to think, do things that are different. I think that’s a great, great thing.”

You can find out which project Torode presents the award to during The National Lottery Stars 2014, on Friday 19th September at 22:30 on BBC1.


Strictly Come Dancing starts this Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1