Is Moriarty physically returning in Sherlock series four?

We asked Andrew Scott, a man who should know…

Andrew Scott is often to be found playing the role of villainous Moriarty in BBC’s hit drama Sherlock opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. But Scott’s made a leap into “shy and sad and melancholy” he tells as he stars in upcoming film Pride.


The star-studded film, which includes Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, follows the story of gay and lesbian activists supporting the 1984 miners’ strike.

“I loved the opportunity to play a more low key character,” he says adding, “It was nice to get to play a different note.”

But of course, we couldn’t let Scott go without a little word on Sherlock series four. We know he’s going to be back for the next series. We saw him pop up right at the end of series three with his eerie “Did you miss me?” after all. But will he physically be there, or just a presence in the background? Check out what he had to say…


Pride is in cinemas from Friday September 12