Joanna Page: My Queen Elizabeth I could come back to Doctor Who

The Doctor Who and Gavin & Stacey star suggests she could revive the part of the Tudor monarch as she talks to about working on kids’ show Poppy Cat

She dazzled viewers as a regal – and passionate – Elizabeth I in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor last November. And the good news is that Joanna Page believes the role could be revived.


In the episode, Page’s Elizabeth helps the three Doctors – played by David Tennant, Matt Smith and John Hurt – do battle with the Zygons in a story which climaxes in the resolution of the Time War.

Her appearance is also remembered for the fact that her character marries David Tennant’s Doctor, who insinuates that the two may have become intimate when he casually remarks that her “nickname” – almost certainly the Virgin Queen  could no longer be appropriate.

Asked if she could bring the character back, Page told “She probably could. We haven’t discussed it but I bet she probably could come back.

“It meant loads to my family doing Doctor Who and when we sat round and watched it felt so special. It was amazing doing to the 50th anniversary. The best part was working with John Hurt because I admired him for years and years and years.”

Page has just returned to voice the lead character in the Nick Jnr series Poppy Cat, based on the books by Lara Jones. It is a job which she says allows her to work and look after her young daughter Eva.

“I don’t want to go to Morocco for seven weeks on a shoot and I couldn’t bear to leave my daughter and I would just want to be with Eva,” she said. “It is great to come into town, meet these lovely people, and be a cat and be in a completely fun imaginative world and be a child. Also, doing voice work you don’t have to worry about make up you can just be a voice.”

The job has also given her a “kudos with her Mummy friends” as well as children, she says.

Joanna Page returns as the voice of Poppy Cat, in the second series of the pre-school show launching on 8th September at 9am weekdays on Nick Jr. See below for a behind-the-scenes video of her on the show

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