Coronation Street: Kylie takes Max’s ADHD medication – Paula Lane interview

"She's distraught and disgusted with herself and goes into panic mode," says the actress


A worn out Kylie Platt is to take the first step down a slippery slope when she takes her own son’s ADHD medication.


With Max now having been prescribed pills for his condition, Kylie should be feeling relieved that her boy’s behaviour is improving. But she can’t help but feel that it’s her fault that Max has to take medication at all.

In scenes to be shown next week, Kylie will also feel jealous when she sees Audrey praising Fiz on her well-behaved girls. And after she sits up all night working over the salon accounts, Kylie’s sense of desperation grows.

Struggling to concentrate, she ends up swallowing two of Max’s pills. But how will best friend Eva react when Kylie confesses to the new depths to which she’s sunk? And will Kylie end up telling husband David? Actress Paula Lane tells us more…

How is Kylie feeling about the fact that Max has been diagnosed with ADHD?
She’s disappointed that all her fears were confirmed and concerned about how he will cope taking the medication. She’s relieved to be getting more support but she’s not seeing the bigger picture that ADHD is common – she still feels something could be wrong in his genes. 

How come she still blames herself after the diagnosis?
Kylie, underneath all the bravado, has very low self-esteem when it comes to motherhood. Her actions in the past still haunt her. Nobody can convince her that she’s a good mum – not even David. It’s a major confidence issue with her. It doesn’t help that the whole street knows about her past and she feels that people have been judging her from day one.

Is it a worry that Max is on medication even though he does seem better for it?
Kylie is concerned that they are taking the easy way out – she’s worried that he’ll have to take the medication long-term. 

Talk us through the moment when Kylie finds herself tempted by Max’s pills…
She’s at her wits’ end – she’s tired and frustrated and she needs a moment of calm to get her accounts done and Lily is screaming. Afterwards, she’s distraught and disgusted with herself and goes into panic mode. She’s thinking, ‘how will I tell David?’

What prompts her to confide in Eva? And does she take Eva’s advice?
She needs a confidante. And she does attempt to follow Eva’s advice, but she ends up lying to David. She tells him she’s misplaced Max’s pills. But secretly she’s adamant that she’ll never take them again. She doesn’t want to put herself in that predicament again and she’s full of guilt and self loathing. It was a moment of madness and she knows that if David found out, he’d be furious.

Have you had to do much research for the storyline?
I have – I’ve sat with directors and talked through Kylie’s past. The fact she was an addict previously adds to the drama. David mentioned to her the way the medication works, so she’s aware of its effects. The scripts are heavy and I have to make sure I’ve done my homework!

What responsibilities come with a story like this?
I feel I owe it to the viewers to get it right, and to people who live with ADHD. Hopefully we can help raise awareness – it’s not a disease and can be dealt with with the right help and support. 


And, finally, how has the introduction of Les Dennis impacted on filming with the Platt family?
I feel we are complete now – Les adds a great energy to the family. We have extra giggles now, which makes this job so much fun, especially if a troubling storyline is playing out. We all support each other.