Stevie wins over Billie but will Stephanie Pratt’s Made in Chelsea return ruin everything?

Spencer Matthews was left sour-faced during tonight's episode when Stevie got the girl - but will their relationship be rocked by the return of The Hills and CBB star...


Anyone else still enjoying this…? For those of you who missed out on Sunday night’s episode of Made in Chelsea, that below is the face of a beaten Spencer Matthews.


That’s right, the man who proclaimed he was “fairly confident” Billie would fall for his champagne-quaffing, French-speaking charms was left poe-faced when he spotted her kissing love rival Stevie Johnson by the baseball pitch. 

We have to admit, we were a little nervous for Stevie when he gave Billie that ultimatum – me or Spencer? Jamie certainly didn’t think he stood a chance – “If you’re going to bet on a horse, Spencer Matthews will go that extra mile,” he informed his pal. “He’s like a tornado. There’s no point.” 

But Stevie, sorry, “Stefan” stood his ground. “You know that I’m a better match for you than Spencer is” he boldly told Billie. “I only need to see you with Spencer to know it’s not the same.” 

No truer word spoken, but Billie certainly wouldn’t be the first girl to fall for Spenny’s smarmy charms. For a moment it looked like she’d become the latest notch on his bedpost, with Jamie even volunteering to run around New York in a hot dog suit if Spencer was turned down. Better start stretching, Jamie…

That’s right, as the episode drew to a close, Billie told a grinning Stevie, “I’ve been thinking that I would like to keep hanging out with you and seeing you.” The pair kissed, sour-faced Spenny looked visibly gutted, everything was rosy… until the trail for next week’s episode and the revelation that Stevie’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt was back on the scene.  

Is his happiness set to be short-lived? Stevie made a point of assuring Billie tonight that “he’ll always feel fondly” about Steph but “I can’t continue progressing my life if I keep looking back.” 

However, our sneak peek suggests a different story. With Steph determined to surprise Stevie, Billie is seen hoping he “wouldn’t want to start things with me when he still has feelings for someone else.” Alarm bells, anyone? And worst of all was smug Spen seen gloating to Billie, “If you pick Stevie and he turns out to be the bad boy, that will be interesting.” No, no, no, no, no… 


Made in Chelsea NYC continues next Sunday at 9:00pm on E4