Doctor Who: What did Twitter think of Into the Dalek?

Doctor Who fans the world over took to Twitter last night to share their verdict on the Daleks - and Peter Capaldi's second adventure


Peter Capaldi was back on our TV screens last night for his second adventure as the holder of the Tardis keys.


And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, the Timelord’s most iconic enemies The Daleks were back and ready to come face to face with the Doctor’s new, erm, face.

But what was the verdict in the Twittersphere? As always, there was the ongoing discussion over how scary the Daleks really are… 

Dalek threats aside, these Whovians weren’t entirely convinced about last night’s plot.

Though some Dalek fans were completely onboard with last night’s episode…

Some felt it was an improvement on last week’s episode…

While others were just enjoying getting to know our new Doctor…

Including our very own Paul Jones.

Even Tom Fletcher from McFly was on board. And if that’s not a seal of approval we don’t know what is…

Doctor Who continues on Saturdays on BBC1

Here’s our video review:


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