Doctor Who: the best Dalek spoofs in the universe

Here's some of the best spoofs that space and time has to offer

We don’t know what it is about the Daleks that lend themselves to spoofs.


Perhaps it is that they are instantly recognisable – both of voice and of course appearance. And the fact that Doctor Who is a one of the most popular TV shows ever made…

Daleks Sing Gilbert & Sulivan

“With music director Davros at the piano this new CD is one to treasure throughout the universe.” It certainly is. The music of G&S…as you have never heard it before.

Daleks in Love

A Dalek. In love with a flower. What could be better?

A Very Dalek Christmas

Demonstrating the pitfalls of trying to be a Dalek… while dressing a Christmas tree

Spike Milligan’s Dalek

“Hell-o. Darling. I’m home.”

Spike Milligan imagines a Dalek living a life of comfortable suburban coupledom.

Come Fly With Me and the Dalek

When a Dalek met Matt Lucas and David Walliams on a Christmas trailer for their airline comedy Come Fly with Me back in the day

The TimeLords/KLF – Doctorin’ The Tardis

Who can forget the Daleks doing their best Harry Enfield Loadsamoney impression? For one thing they were square. And not especially frightening. But the song rocked.

The Kit Kat Daleks

In their message about the importance of having a break (and, of course, having a Kit Kat) it is hard not to be seduced by the idea of a group of Daleks asking for a cuddle and spreading a message of love…

Dalek Poetry

Not exactly Wordsworth are they?


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