Hollyoaks spoilers: Mercedes wants justice for John Paul – first look pictures

JP's sister will vow to get revenge after news of Finn O'Connor's wicked act breaks


Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) is to be left heartbroken next week when she finds out about John Paul’s (James Sutton) rape ordeal at the hands of Finn O’Connor (Keith Rice).


Viewers have already seen JP speak up at Nancy’s wedding and reveal that it was evil Finn who raped him back in January. Now – in episodes to be screened next week – the McQueens will be seen dealing with the news, with Mercedes demanding justice for her brother.

Speaking about how his screen family react, actor James Sutton said: “They’re all very supportive, as you’d imagine. Their reactions are played in a way that’s very true to all of the characters. Mercedes is obviously furious and wants to take revenge against Finn, which is exactly how you’d expect her to react! But you’ll see that Mercedes is also really caring and kind with John Paul as well.”


With the truth now out about what Finn has been through, Nana (Diane Langton) also proves to be a source of support at John Paul’s hour of need. In an interview with Digital Spy, Sutton added: “Nana is also beautiful with John Paul and gives him all the support that he needs. It’s the same with Phoebe, so he’s not alone in this situation. It’s John Paul’s family that give him the strength to go through the next couple of months, which will involve standing up and saying that this has happened to him.”