Doctor Who: Exclusive Into the Dalek poster revealed

See our stunning retro poster from designer Stuart Manning, plus an archive interview with Terry Nation


This week, the Doctor takes his most dangerous journey yet: into the heart of his greatest enemy. Designer Stuart Manning has drawn inspiration from classic futurism and theme parks to produce this stunning poster exclusively for 


“This episode’s poster is based loosely on Disneyworld’s 1950s Tomorrowland poster art,” he explains.“The Daleks obviously came a little later, but visually they’re very Sputnik-era aliens.”

“The tunnel of shrinking Doctors is taken from one of Jon Pertwee’s title sequences. As a childhood viewer of the third Doctor, I think it’s a visual reference Peter Capaldi might approve of.”

Click below for a larger version.

For even more exclusive Dalek goodness (well, badness), download the Radio Times Newsstand edition, which this weeks features a gallery of rare and unseen Dalek photographs and a 1964 interview with Terry Nation: father of the tin-pot dictators.

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Doctor Who: Into the Dalek is on BBC1 at 7:30pm on Saturday 30th August


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