Karen Gillan does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… and nominates Steven Moffat

The former Doctor Who actress dressed as a pink Power Ranger to fulfil her nominations from Neil Gaiman and former co-star Matt Smith


She’s done it, she’s FINALLY done it. 


After receiving nominations from Matt Smith and Neil Gaiman a good long while ago, Karen Gillan has dressed as a Power Ranger to fulfil her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Posing in pink, Gillan apologised for “taking so long” before bracing herself for the icy water which was dumped on her head by her Selfie co-star John Cho, also dressed in full power ranger uniform. 

But before her drenching, the former Doctor Who actress nominated her old boss Steven Moffat, her In a Valley of Violence co-star Taissa Farmiga and US president Barack Obama. We particularly enjoyed her and Cho’s sassy dance post-bucket. Have a watch below…