The Great British Bake Off – did the right person go home in Dessert Week?

Paul and Mary decided they couldn't keep Iain in the competition after he threw his baked alaska in the bin. But did he really deserve to go?

Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was because of Diana’s ice cream switcharoo, maybe it was being called a “russet Gandalf” by Sue… Whatever caused Iain to throw his melting Baked Alaska in the bin and storm out, his “moment of madness” has cost him his place in the Bake Off tent.


Iain’s baked alaska turned into a dripping goo after his ice cream had been taken out of the freezer by another baker. Rather than trying to salvage what he could, Iain threw his creation in the bin.

That meant when it came to bringing his bake up for Paul and Mary to judge, all he had to show them was… the bin. “I threw it in the bin because I didn’t want to present it,” Iain said. “I didn’t want them to judge the way it came out, so I’d rather present nothing.”

Paul and Mary had no option, they claimed. He had to go. “If he doesn’t present something for us to taste, how can we let him stay,” said Mary. Justice had been done.

Or had it?

After all, Diana was the one who took Iain’s ice cream out of the freezer. “You’ve got your own freezer, haven’t you?” was all she could say at the time, leaving Iain to ask, quite rightly, “Why would you take an ice cream out of the freezer?” When Iain went up to Paul and Mary empty-handed, shouldn’t Diana have admitted her role in Iain’s tantrum?


Mel said after the Baked Alaska meltdown that she “had never seen this tent so intense,” but did they get the right decision? Should Paul and Mary have given Iain another chance? Did Diana dodge her part in Iain’s demise? And was Iain the right man to go? Cast your vote now, and leave your comments in the box below.