Henry Cavill completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dressed as Superman

Well, we've learned one thing - Superman's costume doesn't keep him warm as the Man of Steel star (unsurprisingly) admits he's "so cold" after six buckets are poured over him

Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has completed the Ice Bucket Challenge, dressed as Superman.


Oh, yeah. The spandex-esque red and blue suit was in place, the cape was neatly wrapped around him, his hair was just so, but none of this could keep the freezing water at bay. “I’m so cold,” he winces after what appear to be crew from the set of Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice line up to drench him. Battling ice buckets clearly isn’t his super power.

In the end he endures a total of six buckets. Great effort, Superman.

Cavill’s co-star Amy Adams (who plays Lois Lane) takes part too, nominating her siblings to have a go next.


The challenge is being used to raise awareness and funds for charities supporting ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Motor Neurone Disease, a condition that attacks the spinal cord.