Where is Karen Gillan’s Ice Bucket Challenge video?

Benedict Cumberbatch has set the bar high for those celebs who miss the 24 hours deadline and get nominated more than once… will the former Doctor Who companion respond?


Former Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan has been nominated several times for the Ice Bucket Challenge – and several times she has publicly accepted…. but days later, there’s still no video online.


Once you’re nominated for the challenge, a social media craze that is raising money and awareness for charities aiding those suffering with Motor Neurone Disease, you’re supposed to get your drenching within a day.

With Benedict Cumberbatch setting the precedent that those missing the 24 hour deadline must get multiple buckets if they’ve had multiple nominations, we’re hoping the delay is simply whilst Gillan puts together an Oscar-worthy ice-cold film (no pressure!)

Gillan hasn’t shied away from the nominations. After former Doctor Matt Smith nominated her she tweeted “OK you are ON!” But one day later, and still no bucket video to her name, author Neil Gaiman went and nominated her too. Gillan retweeted his video adding “challenge accepted”.

Karen may have already done the challenge and is simply choosing the perfect moment to release a viral sensation. Or maybe she’s just really busy? 


But with fans across the world waiting – we are hoping it will appear soon… with at least two buckets!