Doctor Who series 8: Peter Capaldi faces off against Daleks in new pictures from Into The Dalek

Guest stars Zawe Ashton and Michael Smiley also star in images from Peter Capaldi's first confrontation with the Daleks…

After the debut of Peter Capaldi in Saturday series 8 opener Deep Breath, there is now a week standing in the way of episode two, where we will see the Doctor for the first time post-rengeration madness. In the meantime, we can at least console ourselves with some new photos from the next instalment of Clara and the Doctor’s adventures, Into the Dalek. 


The new promo pictures indulge us with a few snippets of what to expect, including a first look at Peter Capaldi meeting the Doctor’s ultimate nemesis, a brooding, wired up Dalek.

On top of murderous pepper pots, the pictures also gives us a peek at Into the Dalek’s roster of impressive cameos, Spaced star Micheal Smiley, and Fresh Meat’s Zawe Ashton who are set to play Colonel Morgan Blue, and Journey Blue, respectively. 

From these glimpses, episode two looks to be another tense set of affairs, as we see Clara looking on concerned, and absolutely everyone else strapped up with an assortment of weapons. Talking of tense, we also get a glance of Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson, who is set to be Clara’s dapper love interest as the show progresses. 

Into The Dalek will air on 30th August at 7.30 on BBC1. Check out the Next Time trailer for the episode below.  


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