Coronation Street spoilers: will Jason lose his business after Tyrone’s fall? Ryan Thomas interview

Ty will threaten to report his friend to the authorities following his dramatic loft plunge

Tyrone’s fall through the floor of his loft look set to have severe consequences for Jason and the future of his business. Next week’s episodes will see a guilt-ridden Jason confronted by Ty (Alan Halsall), who realises that he’s been duped by his friend’s offers of compensation.


After Tyrone learns that the flooring used on the loft conversion was too thin and well below building regulations, he confronts Jason and threatens to report him. Jason tries to explain how the sub-standard boarding was Todd’s (Bruno Langley) and that he knew nothing about it. But will the beleaguered builder be able to talk Tyrone round? Actor Ryan Thomas gives us the latest…

Jason didn’t know those boards were sub-standard – he’s basically been morally compromised by his brother and his dad. How is he feeling about that?
It’s not something that Jason would ever have done. It’s just not in his make-up. He wouldn’t ever get involved in dodgy botch-up jobs just to cut corners and make a bit more money – he trades off his good reputation. But because of what his dad and Tony have done, he’s left in a position where he has no choice but to keep quiet. What they’ve done could potentially ruin his business.

How does Jason react when he finds out what Todd and Tony have done?
Initially, he’s furious with both of them and he wants to punish them. He’s angry with Todd for getting the boarding, but the fact that his dad got involved with it disgusts him. It’s the first time he’s seen this side to his dad and it’s something that could jeopardise their relationship.

Does Jason mean it about wanting to sack them?
He’s wanted to sack Todd from the start because he doesn’t trust him. The problem is that although it’s meant to be Jason’s business, it’s really his dad’s. It’s Jason’s in name, but because his dad put the money up, he always gets the final say when it comes down to it.

Does Jason want to tell Tyrone the truth?
Jason wants to do the right thing. He wants to come clean, he’s not prepared to lie to his mate and at one point he says he doesn’t care if it damages his business. He’d rather that than lie. He’s in a real predicament but Tony convinces him to keep going along with it because he’s got so much to lose.

So what’s Tony’s answer to this predicament with Tyrone?
He offers them money to keep quiet, but it’s not enough for Tyrone and Fiz so then he tries offering more. It looks like it’s going to work, but then Tyrone and Fiz find out about the dodgy boarding from Owen and Jason is forced to come clean.

So what’s Jason’s game plan now – can he talk Tyrone round?
Jason doesn’t have a game plan. He just tries to be honest with Tyrone, explain it wasn’t his doing and although he lied in the aftermath, he did have his reasons. Jason comes clean in the end and appeals to him as a mate.

Do you think Jason is blind to Tony’s dark side?
Not completely, no. He like the protective side of his dad, but then I don’t think he’s ever really seen his dark side. They’ve grown pretty close – he likes the loyalty Tony offers, he’s always wanted to have his dad around and even though he’s been missing for most of his life Jason’s still in awe of him.

After some negotiation, Tyrone and Fiz do accept the money. Is Jason hoping they can draw a line under it and mend their friendship?
They’ve been friends for such a long time that Jason’s desperate to sort it out. He’s really concerned about their friendship and he hopes that eventually Tyrone gets to a point where he wants to sort it out and they can put it behind them.

Are you enjoying having more family in the show for Jason?
I’m loving it. I think that Tony is a breath of fresh air for the Grimshaws. It’s completely changed the dynamic of the family. Along with a more evil Todd, there’s lots of drama to come. The comedy will always be there, but the relationship with Jason, Tony and Todd is really interesting.


Do you ever have lads’ nights out with Bruno Langley and Terence Maynard?
With Bruno yes, with Terrence not yet but I’m working on it. Terrence is based in London so he’s only up here when he’s working, but I promise to make it happen soon!