Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

25-29 August: Andy sweeps Hannah off her feet, while Nate misses an urgent call from the hospital while on a second date with Sophie


Monday 25 August


Andy makes Hannah realise how stifling her relationship rules are. Nate switches his phone to silent when on a date with Sophie and misses an urgent call from the hospital. He is needed to treat Roo, who has been admitted in an unconscious state. Ricky tries to clear her head after Brax tells her that he does not want kids. 

Tuesday 26 August

Nate wakes to find his phone switched to silent and blames Sophie. He then rushes to the hospital where he is greeted by angry faces and an unconscious Roo. Maddy pushes Josh right into Evelyn’s arms. Ricky discovers why Brax is reluctant to have children. Nate promises to solve the mystery behind Roo’s condition. 

Wednesday 27 August

A moment’s indiscretion could prove costly for Matt and Sasha when Irene catches them kissing in the Diner. After agreeing to forget what happened between them, Josh and Evelyn kiss passionately at the bus stop just as Marilyn’s tour goes by. Fed up with Heath’s kids, Phoebe suggests that she and Kyle move out. 

Thursday 28 August

Sasha apologises to Irene, but misjudges how angry she is. Matt begs Kyle to reinstate him before Sasha finds out that he lost his job at the pizza place before he had even started. When Denny signs up for boot camp, Casey comes down with a severe case of clumsiness. Phoebe puts her foot in it after she lets slip to Darcy that Heath intends to seek custody of her. 

Friday 29 August


Even after being spotted on the beach by Chris, Casey and Denny struggle to keep their hands off each other. Zac struggles to accept the fact that Andy and Hannah are now together and makes himself scarce when Andy turns up for a family dinner. Alf maintains a vigil by Roo’s bedside as her condition goes from bad to worse.