Doctor Who retro Deep Breath poster revealed

The new Doctor's profile is seen against an orange London skyline in Stuart Manning's breath-taking tribute to the opening episode

Designer Stuart Manning has drawn on some classic Doctor Who artwork to produce a stunning retro poster celebrating Peter Capaldi’s debut episode Deep Breath, exclusively for Radio Times.


“I wanted to do something simple and striking with a retro flavour,” says Stuart. “The profile shot of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is drawing on Victorian silhouette portraits, using some the cogs and gears that form the new title sequence. 

“The orange sky and Tyrannosaurus are a nod to Chris Achilleos’ glorious 1970s artwork for the Doctor Who Dinosaur Invasion novelisation. When I saw the Deep Breath dinosaur stomping around London, that image immediately came to mind and I wouldn’t be surprised if Steven Moffat was influenced by it either.”

Take a look at Stuart’s design below and click to see a larger version…


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Doctor Who: Deep Breath is on BBC1 at 7:50pm on Saturday 23rd August