Doctor Who fans “make the show” says former producer who praises their restraint over leaks

Marcus Wilson, who stood down as the show’s producer last year after three-and-a-half years at the helm, praises the show’s fans for refusing to spread the leaked material in an exclusive interview with

Doctor Who fans excitedly gearing up for this Saturday’s premiere of the first Peter Capaldi episode Deep Breath have been praised by the show’s former producer for refusing – in the main – to engage with the spate of leaked material from the forthcoming series.


Marcus Wilson, who stood down as the show’s producer at the end of series seven – when Matt Smith also took his bow – told that true fans have helped keep a lid on the leak of scripts and unedited footage over the past few weeks.

Scripts of the first five episodes, plus filmed footage, have been leaked online after the material was sent for translation in the US. However the vast majority of fans have refused to download the material and a twitter hashtag #keepmespoilerfree was quickly set up and disseminated widely.

Wilson said: “Things happen but what was lovely was the fans once again rallied together and didn’t spoil it. Some people downloaded it but it’s not been in the mainstream press. The fans make Doctor Who, it’s lovely.

“I know some of the stories in the first series but I wouldn’t want to see it beforehand. Doctor Who should be watched in it’s finished form, with the music, the effects, the whole finished thing.”

Wilson added that while he worked on some of the story outlines for Capaldi’s series, and that he knew much of what was coming, he was still eagerly awaiting the actor’s debut.

“I am really excited to see it coming,” he said. “I was a huge fan of Doctor Who before I worked on it so I am just going back to being a fan. I just want to see what they come up with.

“Peter will be great. He was certainly on my shortlist. It is the most logical casting to come after Matt Smith. You couldn’t go younger.”

Asked why he left the show, Wilson joked: “Matt and I had a pact we would leave together. No seriously. Doctor Who is very full on and you disappear into the Doctor Who bubble. I had a sweet conversation with Steven Moffat who said ‘If you stay and do another one you will do another three years’.

“Everyone who works on the show loves the show. You either grew up with it or you have kids who love it and you have just got to step off.

“I was there for most of Matt Smith’s tenure so that seemed a logical place to stop. Also I got sick of not seeing new Doctor Who as a fan, just seeing it in pieces and putting it together. I wanted to watch it as a fan.”


Wilson’s latest project is the forthcoming BBC1 drama series Our Zoo which stars Inspector George Gently star Lee Ingleby as George Mottershead, the greengrocer and animal lover who sacrificed everything to found the animal-friendly Chester Zoo in the 1930s. Liz White co-stars as his wife in the drama which begins airing on Wednesday September 3.