Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think about the return of Doctor Who

Want to be a TV critic for a day? Tell us your thoughts on series 8 opener Deep Breath and the new Doctor Peter Capaldi by 9am on Monday and your review might just get published...

Finally, it’s here: Peter Capaldi’s debut as the twelfth Doctor in series 8 opener Deep Breath. 


There has been a lot of excitement about this episode, and a fair bit of fear. For the buzzword is ‘change’: the new Doctor is older, apparently less accessible than Matt Smith; the new dynamic between him and Jenna Coleman’s Clara is apparently different, with a promise of “no flirting”; and the tone and pace of the show in general is set to shift, according to the show-runner himself Steven Moffat. 

So, as soon as the end credits roll, the question will be: was it change you could get on board with? 

How did you find Peter Capaldi? Did you find his age jarring after the younger Matt Smith, or was it a welcome return to the classic era? And how did you find his Doctor? Did you like his ruder side? Or was he a bit too abrasive? 

And then there’s the episode itself. Did you like Deep Breath? Was the change of pace a wise decision from Moffat or did you prefer the Matt Smith era? 

Tell us what you thought in around 150 words and we’ll publish our favourites. Right here, on 

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