The many voices of Benedict Cumberbatch

A wolf, a dragon, an Australian... Alan Rickman - this is a man with impressive vocal talents

Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice is hot property at the moment. Not only has he been working away on the final Hobbit film as Smaug the dragon, voiced a wolf in Penguins of Madagascar, and will add his sonorous tones to an audio version of William Goulding’s The Spire, he’s just been announced as the voice of tiger Shere Khan in Andy Serkis’ adaptation Jungle Book: Origins.


In front of the camera, away from the camera, this is a man with a talent for voices. Just check out the vocal styling on these varying characters…

Clipped, polite and sarcastic as Patrick Watts in Starter for 10

A slow and drawling Alan Rickman, because, well, he can

Gruff, loud and commanding in War Horse

Low, rumbling and terrifying as Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit series

Australian for the part of Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate

Growly as the wolf Classified in Penguins of Madagascar

Deep, melodic, high-pitched, whispered… it’s all there in BBC drama Sherlock

Purposeful, deep and captivating as baddie Khan in Star Trek

American as Cumberbatch headed to Oklahoma for August: Osage County – with a little sing-song in there, too.

And brisk, confident and to the point for his upcoming part as code-breaking British mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game