See Peter Capaldi reunited with the Radio Times Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special

This week's issue of our new iPad and iPhone newsstand edition features the special bonus Doctor Who magazine that inspired a young Peter Capaldi to write in to Radio Times 40 years ago...


At the age of 15, Peter Capaldi wrote to Radio Times in praise of our Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special: a one-off publication that celebrated the show’s first decade with a full episode guide, new interviews and specially commissioned photography. Capaldi, at the time a young boy living in Glasgow, said that the special had “certainly made the year for Dr Who fans.” 


Well, recently, Radio Times managed to reunite the new Doctor with the 1973 Special for the digital edition of our Doctor Who issue. He was, as you can see, engrossed. 

Peter flicked through the pages smiling, stopping to praise everything from from the expertly choreographed swish of cover star Jon Pertwee’s cape to the double-page spread featuring the first three Doctors. 

And now you have the chance to do the same.

Along with more pictures of Capaldi devouring the Special, we have republished all 68-pages of it in our digital edition, available on iPad or iPhone. 

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Gareth Roberts, who has written scripts for Doctor Who since 2008, also credits the Special for firing his young imagination.

“It’s an almanac of an unreachably magical world of the strangest stories, interlaced with immaculately staged but achingly 1973 photo sessions shot specially to accompany giddy, breathless interviews with the show’s stars,” he enthuses. “It was the most exciting thing in the world to a five-year-old nascent Doctor Who disciple. Forty-one years on, it is no less so – it is to this gaudy, trippy collage that I owe my career. 30p well spent.”

As well as the 10th Anniversary Special (take a look inside below), the Radio Times digital edition also features an exclusive animated cover, with a nod to the title sequence that will be unveiled when the show returns on BBC1 this Saturday.

Unique to the newsstand app, the animation brings together two images of Capaldi along with whirring cogs and the sound of a ticking clock. The cog and clock motifs echo elements of the new Doctor Who intro which has been given a retro makeover for the show’s return.

The digital edition also features Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s series eight episode guide and an interview with the new Doctor himself. 


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