Paul Sinha: “The Chase won’t survive without Bradley Walsh”

Paul Sinha believes it’s inevitable the quiz show host will leave to pursue acting


A key member of ITV’s hit quiz show The Chase believes the series wouldn’t survive if host Bradley Walsh was to leave.


Paul Sinha, who acts as one of the professional quizzers that face off against teams of contestants on the show, was chairing a panel at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Speaking about the importance of a good host, Sinha said:

“I think there are some shows that can’t survive without that particular host,” he explained. “Should John Humphrys retire, I think Mastermind would survive. Should Bradley Walsh, as he will do eventually, decide that his acting career comes first, The Chase won’t survive.”

Sinha went on to say that he believed the success of the show was down to “Bradley Walsh’s relationship with the contestants and with the chaser. Without that, they’re not going to look for a replacement, and the show won’t survive.”

Walsh, who recently left Law & Order UK, has hosted The Chase since it launched in 2009. That said, Sinha didn’t put The Chase’s popularity entirely down to Walsh, citing the answer ‘Fanny Chmelar’ as the show’s breakthrough Internet moment.