Doctor Who series 8: Episode 3 synopsis teases “an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood”

The episode, guest-starring Tom Riley and Ben Miller, will air on 6th September

The synopsis for Robots of Sherwood, episode three of Doctor Who series eight, has been released, teasing an “evil plan beyond the stars” and an “unlikely” alliance with Robin Hood. 


Scripted by one of the show’s main writers, Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss, the adventure will see the Doctor and Clara somehow meet the fictional hero of legend, who robs from the rich to feed the poor, and is portrayed by Da Vinci’s Demons star Tom Riley. 

“In a sun-dappled Sherwood forest, the Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars and strikes up an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood.”

“With all of Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake. Can impossible heroes really exist?”

Impossible indeed. Also starring in the episode will be Ben Miller as the Sheriff of Nottingham. 


The episode will air on 6th September, with a time yet to be confirmed. It will be preceded by episode two Into The Dalek, which screens on BBC1 on 30th August at 7:30pm