Bear Grylls asks for volunteers to go into the wild with him

After his successful NBC celebrity outdoor show the star will host Breaking Point on the Discovery Network – taking people with phobias with him

Would you eat goat testicles, rough it in the wild or abseil down a canyon with Bear Grylls? Here’s your chance. The action man is giving members of the public with phobias the opportunity to sign up for an adventure with him on his new Discovery survival show Bear Grylls: Breaking Point.


Where you will go and what you’ll end up doing is not yet clear, but one thing is for certain – the challenge will confront your deepest, darkest fears. Grylls has braved some of the toughest, weirdest and most exotic environments on the planet, and in his new series he plans to mentor everyday people in the wild, helping them to overcome their serious phobias.

His recent US show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, saw the former SAS officer get Zoolander actor Ben Stiller, Step Up lead man Channing Tatum and 17 Again star Zac Efron to open up about their feelings and challenges in life, while in the wilds of Scotland and America. In Bear Grylls: Breaking Point he will make his evaluation about each person and then take them on a gruelling (but rewarding) two-day trip.

The series may see people confronting their fear of heights or their fear of rats, spiders and creepy crawlies. Volunteers may have to dive into water, despite being petrified of what lurks beneath, or go potholing regardless of being terrified of small spaces. If you’re looking to completely turn your life upside-down apply here

Production is expected to start in the coming weeks. The show will air in 2015, in more than 220 countries worldwide.

This is not the first show Grylls has created for Discovery, he stared in Man vs. Wild for seven seasons, which made him a household name, and then returned to the network in 2013 with Escape from Hell.


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