Pierce Brosnan: I shot myself in the foot playing James Bond

Brosnan may have been slick as 007 himself, but classic Nintendo game GoldenEye proved problematic...

If you ever threw your Nintendo 64 controller across the room in frustration as you watched your little 007 die again in the GoldenEye video game, worry not. It turns out that even a man who was James Bond couldn’t figure it out.


Yep, when faced with a controller and a video game version of the secret agent, the fifth man to take up the James Bond mantle, Mr Pierce Brosnan, admits he had a little trouble.

“I was no good at it. I played it once and shot myself in the foot,” Brosnan told US chat show host Jimmy Fallon.

Not that Fallon was about to let him off that easily. Oh no, he had a console and the game all lined up. It was his dream to play against Mr Bond himself. And shoot him repeatedly…