Who was that? Watch Peter Capaldi interrupt a BBC1 ident

The new Doctor makes an unexpected appearance before new BBC1 show Tumble


Fans tuning in for the latest episode of BBC1’s new celebrity gymnastics show Tumble got a lot more than they bargained for over the weekend, when new Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi made an unexpected appearance during the show’s opening ident. 


In the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance, Capaldi is seen rewinding the traditional cheery BBC ident, and looking directly into the camera, holding on to the screen in an ever-so-slightly-sinister manner. The announcer, undeterred, carries on with the scheduled programming as if nothing had happened…


With Doctor Who’s first episode Deep Breath set to air this Saturday, it looks like the Time Lord may be trying to sabotage the rest of BBC1’s schedule. Take a look at his surprise cameo below.