Is Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who? BBC declines to comment on “speculation”

Is Clara Oswald's stint in the Tardis coming to an end at Christmas? It seems only time will tell...

Is Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who?


With reports flying around of an emotional end to the eighth series, which kicks off this Saturday, the Mirror is claiming that “the conversations about Jenna’s exit have started” and could centre on or around the Christmas special.

However a BBC spokeswoman refused to comment on the “speculation” that Coleman will soon be calling time on companion Clara Oswald.

“It’s speculation at this time,” the spokeswoman told “People will have to watch the series to see if she’s coming back or not.”

Asked whether BBC bosses knew that Coleman was leaving at the end of the series or during the Christmas special – or whether a decision was yet to be made – the spokeswoman declined to comment.

“We want to focus on the upcoming series,” she said.

Rumours of Coleman’s departure are clearly a distraction the BBC could do without as it gears up for the broadcast this Saturday of Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Doctor.

However, the refusal to deny them could lend credibility to the claims.

Coleman made her first, surprise, appearance in series seven episode Asylum of the Daleks in September 2012 before returning in a slightly different guise for the Christmas special The Snowmen, and joining as Matt Smith’s full-time companion after that.

She is now set to begin her second series alongside Peter Capaldi in the knowledge that no Doctor Who companion of the modern era has lasted more than two seasons.


During her tenure, Coleman has also worked on projects outside the show, including in the BBC1 period drama Death Comes to Pemberley last year.