David Tennant: I learned a few naughty words from Billy Connolly

What We Did On Our Holiday sees Tennant team up with Connolly who “loomed large” during his childhood

David Tennant’s next big-screen project, What We Did On Our Holiday sees him team up with comedian and actor Billy Connolly, who he learned a few naughty words from when he was younger.


Tennant will play Connolly’s son Doug in the film, which delves into family secrets and why they’re so hard to keep, especially with children around.

“I think the way the film portrays raising children and just family life in general, is quite believable,” Tennant tells Total Film. “And of course, there was also the chance to work with Billy. Growing up in Scotland he loomed large. I grew up with his live shows and learned a few naughty words from him.”

A tradition that seems alive and well in this laugh out loud comedy, which sees Tennant’s on-screen son describe a row between his parents:

“Mum and dad swear all the time. Tell that to your poxy f-ing ‘c word’ of a solicitor, you f-ing ‘b word’.”


Rosamund Pike also stars as Doug’s wife Abi, in this heart-warming film set in the Scottish Highlands.

From the creators of BBC comedy series Outnumbered, it’s certainly a change of pace from Tennant’s current projects. He’s filming both the second series of ITV hit Broadchurch, as well as the US remake Gracepoint.

See What We Did On Our Holiday in cinemas from September 26.