Sylvester Stallone on hating Arnold Schwarzenegger and auditioning for Star Wars

“I would look like crap in spandex. Guys in space don’t have a face like this”

The Expendables 3 may see Sylvester Stallone buddy up with some of Hollywood’s top action heroes, but in the case of co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly’s not always been his number one fan. 


“Hate is a good word,” he tells US chat show host Jimmy Fallon, admitting that throughout their respective careers they’ve been “very competitive”. 

“I’d do Rambo then he’d do Commando…” he laughs, revealing that his agent had tricked him into taking roles by suggesting if he didn’t do it, Arnie would. 

Of course, they’ve gone on to work side by side, in prison flick Escape Plan as well as in Expendables. “I really respect this guy, I think he’s brilliant, what he’s done, he’s had three different careers, but I want to strangle him.”

The latest Expendables also sees Sly team of with Harrison Ford, a busy man with the new Star Wars film on the go. Although, while Ford may be returning to the role of Han Solo, it could have been oh so very different, with Stallone admitting he read for the part. 

“I could tell instantly, no one likes you,” he said of reading for George Lucas. “I said, I’ll make it easier for you, I would look like crap in spandex, leotards and a ray gun. I get it. Guys in space don’t have a face like this.”

And if anyone can find that audition tape, do let us know…