Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

18-22 August: Toadie is injured in a collision, while Lucy has a surprising request for Chris

Monday 18 August
Still eager to find out more about the circumstances of her adoption, Paige confronts Kathy. For her part, Kathy is suspicious of Paige’s behaviour and suggests that they go for a drive. Taking the opportunity to search her bag, Kathy discovers the truth – that the young woman is her granddaughter. The confrontation that follows results in a shocking car crash involving another Ramsay Street resident. Meanwhile, Lauren attacks Matt for being too judgmental of Amber and Paul persuades Lucy to stay in town.


Tuesday 19 August
Toadie and Kathy are rushed to hospital following the collision. Naomi intrudes upon a tense Sonya as she waits to hear whether or not Toadie’s injuries are serious. Paige is plagued with guilt as Lauren questions her about what happened. With Matt’s suspicions also aroused, she makes a tough decision and flees Erinsborough, leaving a parting gift on Lauren’s doorstep.

Wednesday 20 August
Paige’s gift finally makes Lauren understand that she is her long-lost daughter. She catches up with her just before she leaves town and, after a heartfelt reunion, introduces Brad to his daughter. Matt and Terese, also reeling from the discovery, make sure that they say all the right things to their respective families, but secretly vow to cut Paige from their lives.

Thursday 21 August
Brad has his reservations about finally finding his daughter and pushes Paige to have a DNA test. Amber finds herself feeling jealous as she watches Josh and Imogen bond with Paige in the wake of the news. She runs to Daniel, who then surprises her by asking her to move in with him. Chris faces a dilemma when both Kyle and Georgia ask if he will be their right-hand man at their wedding.


Friday 22 August
Paul has his doubts when he hears that Daniel has asked Amber to move in – with good reason, it seems, as she reluctantly declines the offer, saying that things are moving too fast. Lucy commandeers Chris to babysit Nell with her and stuns him when she asks if he would consider fathering her baby. The residents of Ramsay Street place bets on the identity of the erotica writer.