David Tennant on being named RadioTimes.com TV Champion: “I was thrilled – but don’t tell Benedict!”

The former Doctor Who star says he was "delighted" after beating Cumberbatch in the final

When RadioTimes.com launched its Television Champion tournament this year, we were excited – but even we couldn’t have predicted the incredible response it would get from TV fanatics everywhere. A staggering nine million votes were cast as we pitted the cream of British talent against one another in head to head polls across seven rounds, culminating in a final showdown between David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch.


And someone else who was both excited and surprised was eventual winner David Tennant.

“I was thrilled! Absolutely delighted!” Tennant told us, before checking the numbers just to be sure…

“Wow, how many votes were there? That’s ridiculous. Nine million votes!”

The former Doctor Who star was clearly overwhelmed by the trouble his fans had taken to vote for him but was also worried about the effect his victory might have on his colleague Cumberbatch.  


“That’s very lovely,” said Tennant. “But don’t tell Benedict, whatever you do. Let’s just keep that between us – you, me and the nine million…”