Let Daniel Radcliffe try some terrible chat-up lines on you

In the spirit of his new romantic comedy What If, Radcliffe tries his hand at wooing...


Daniel Radcliffe, a camera and some chat-up lines. What could be better? Yep, Radcliffe’s brand new romantic comedy What If means there are plenty of chances to hear him talk about the mushy love stuff. 


Radcliffe plays Wallace. He falls for Chantry (Zoe Kazan) who, as it turns out, has a boyfriend. Yikes.

But while his character is busy finding out how to deal with being in love with his new best friend, Capital FM wanted to know how good Mr Radcliffe is at delivering cheesy chat-up lines.

He’s looking at the camera, so these are basically for you. Yes, you. 

Check it out:


What If is in cinemas from 20th August 2014