Emmerdale spoilers: Lucy Pargeter on Aaron and Chas’s reunion – “She wants his name cleared”

Mother and son come face to face next week - but can Chas convince Aaron to shop Adam?

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is to have a bittersweet reunion with Aaron (Danny Miller) after he secretly returns to the village – but can she convince her son to clear his name?


“Chas is overwhelmed with happiness that Aaron’s back, but she’s also shocked,” says Pargeter. “She’s a bit angry that he’s risked showing himself to the police and also concerned that Aaron will get into trouble while helping Adam.”

Two years ago, Aaron fled the village after taking the rap for a fire at the garage started by best pal Adam (Adam Thomas). But viewers will see him return from his hideaway in France in order to aid Adam, who is currently going off the rails in spectacular style.

“Chas doesn’t think it’s fair that Aaron should be on the run when Adam is now going down the wrong path,” continues the actress. “Why should Aaron be taking the blame? She wants him home and for his name to be cleared. She’s sick of people thinking he’s an arsonist troublemaker.”

But despite his mum’s best intentions, Aaron is not impressed with her plan to shop Adam to the police: “He’s very adamant that it’s not going to happen. He says, ‘if you shop Adam, then it’s the last you’ll see of me’.”

Chas, though, cannot help fretting about her son’s fugitive lifestyle and is even more concerned when she spots fresh self-harm scars on his body. Back during his original time in the village, Aaron struggled with his guilt following the death of boyfriend Jackson and turned to self harming as a way of venting his frustrations. So is Chas worried about history repeating itself?

“She and Aaron are holed up in this barn on Moira’s farm and when Aaron goes to change his clothes, Chas sees the scars. It makes her realise how bitterly unhappy he’s been at times and she’s worried that this current stress will make him self harm again.”


But can Chas really bring herself to make the call to the cops and put Adam in the frame? Just how much does Aaron’s happiness mean to her? “She loves him dearly but she’s often overprotective. But her son is more important to her than anybody else. He comes before anybody. She wants him to just have a normal life and to be able to settle down in the village.”