Watch new Doctor Peter Capaldi boogie on stage in Seoul

The Doctor Who star showcased some serious moves alongside co-star Jenna Coleman and South Korean boyband ZE:A


He saves the world, he travels in time, he has a sonic screwdriver, and now… he dances. New Doctor Peter Capaldi has proven he’s got some impressive moves whilst appearing on stage today in Seoul. 


The Scottish actor, 56, and his co-star Jenna Coleman took part in a live-streamed Q&A with fans in the South Korean capital as part of the worldwide Doctor Who promotional tour and, far from looking jet-lagged, Capaldi was full of energy as the pair were joined on stage by Korean boy band ZE:A. 

Encouraged by an enthusiastic South Korean host, Capaldi showed off his rhythm by jiving with his hips and arms to the delight of screaming fans in the audience, and us at home. Take a look below…


This isn’t the first time the new Doctor has shown off his moves in public. 1993 film Soft Top Hard Shoulder saw a young Capaldi bop around his living room with co-star Frances Barber, although let’s just say his skills have improved with age…