Shark Week pranks begin: Great white shark fin scares boaters in Finsbury Park

To coincide with Discovery Channel's Shark Week, the network played a creepy prank on Londoners this morning

Joggers, walkers and bikers were treated to the first glimpse of shark fun ahead of Discovery’s worldwide Shark Week, which begins this Sunday. The fin-tastic stunt was a set up using a hand-carved polystyrene sculpture in Fin-sbury Park boating lake. The prop was created by BAFTA award-winning art director and special effects designer Jamie Campbell, who worked on Sea Monsters and the original Walking with Dinosaurs. In Jaws-like style, there was a rowing boat with a shark-shaped bite taken out of it next to the fin. Cameras were set up to capture onlookers’ reactions to the grizzly scene.


A spokesman for Discovery Channel said: All of the boaters saw the funny side and we can assure everyone that it is perfectly safe to go back in the water!”

Shark Week begins this Sunday and continues until August 16, and features a series of shows dedicated to the great ocean beasts. For more info see


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