Peter Capaldi is an absolute gentleman – and a brilliant new Doctor

The premiere(s) of Deep Breath showed Capaldi to be a genuine man with time for his fans, says Paul Jones

I’ve called Peter Capaldi a gentleman in the headline of this story. To be honest, I wanted to call him a saint but, even in my tired and emotional state last night, that seemed a bit much. As I understand it, a saint has to perform miracles.


Then again, when you can attend two premieres of pretty much the biggest show in the country in a single day, sign hundreds of autographs in Cardiff, sign hundreds more in London, specifically ask if you can go back out and sign even more, and make your way along the entire queue, writing your name again and again until you reach the end of the line (around another 300 autographs by my best estimations) then do a second Q&A, be smart, funny and delightful in that, then head upstairs and spend a good couple of hours fielding questions from journalists – who, really, obviously, are just fanboys and girls who want to talk to you and have their photos taken with you – and let them take those photos, and then be dragged away, but come back, and remember them, and thank them and do that with everyone in the room, and make them all feel a little bit special…

Well, that does seem like a bit of a miracle. 

Remember, as well, that these events have taken place after we’d just seen this man in his first ever Doctor Who episode, which is something we had high hopes for, but also were ready to be disappointed by. And he turned out to be everything we wanted him to be. He took the things we love about classic, old Doctor Who, and the things we love about new, young Who, and brought them together.


And you thought, this is the Doctor I’ve been waiting for. And what a very nice man he is too.