Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

11-15 August: Lucy returns from New York and clashes with Paul, while Amber finds happiness with Daniel

Monday 11 August
Naomi and Paige end up vying for Kathy’s attention as they both assist her in setting up her pop-up shop. With Naomi’s suspicions aroused, Paige is forced to reveal more about her identity than she would like – then Kathy tells her that her missing granddaughter has been found. Sheila soon costs Naomi her new job by overselling her to Kathy. Meanwhile, Toadie coaxes a confession out of Susan as to the identity of the mystery writer – the good doctor Karl.


Tuesday 12 August
A young woman arrives in town claiming to be Lauren’s daughter and Paige is forced to head off the impostor. Kathy however, swears that her search will continue. Josh and Imogen are disgusted when Amber is chosen to plan the school formal. Josh fails to control his temper, forcing Brad to take disciplinary action. An irate Naomi flies off the handle once again at Sheila. Will mother and daughter ever get along?

Wednesday 13 August
Josh stuns everyone with his decision to quit school. Amber is also in for a shock when she tries to make him change his mind and is given the cold shoulder. Georgia is racked with guilt when she looks after Kyle’s dog and the animal succumbs to a snake bite. Sonya takes Toadie to an outdoor gig, which ends in disaster as the couple traipse through the woods in the dark. An upset Sonya admits that she is afraid of losing him.

Thursday 14 August
Paul’s sister, Lucy, pays him a surprise visit from New York but is evasive about her reasons for leaving America. After Brennan orders Naomi to get her act together and clean up their house, she begins to see him in a different light and hopes that a mindless fling will allow her to get over Toadie. Brennan has other ideas, however, and Naomi finds herself rejected once again.


Friday 15 August
Paul continues to struggle but, after a frank talk with his sister, learns that she has emotional problems of her own. Taking heart in the idea that everyone needs support, he finally begins to focus on the importance of family and friends. Amber learns that her father disapproves of the way she treated Josh. Bailey’s nemesis Alice tricks him as he completes his space camp application.