Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

11-15 August: Casey kisses Denny, while a tempting offer from Ms Taylor threatens to drive a wedge between Matt and Sasha

Monday 11 August
Josh and Evelyn help each other out in a self- portrait assignment. Evelyn’s feelings for him grow deeper and she is faced with a problem when Spencer confronts her at the pier. Sophie inspires her art students with her unconventional teaching methods and offers to help Zac with his marking, leading to an overnight encounter. When Hannah finds out, will her jealousy get the better of her? Brax has an announcement for the family.


Tuesday 12 August
When Phoebe pushes Kyle to identify his attacker, he reveals that it was her father. Denny’s feelings for Casey grow, making things difficult between her and Chris. As they partner up for a new project, Evelyn denies that she has a crush on Josh but struggles to keep up the pretence. After giving some personal advice to her sister, Hannah takes control of her own life and apologises to Andy.

Wednesday 13 August
As Phoebe threatens to call the cops over her father’s behaviour, Kyle and Casey manage to get her to cool down. Oscar’s self-portrait reveals that he has very low self-esteem. After she behaves strangely around Chris, sparks finally fly between Denny and Casey. Marilyn is confused by John’s behaviour regarding their wedding plans.

Thursday 14 August
Sophie’s proposal that Sasha become school captain thrills Sasha and worries Matt. Nate admits that he still cares for Sophie as he apologises to her for discussing her past with Leah. After Oscar has another panic attack, Nate suggests that he take medication. Marilyn lays down some daunting laws as she and John move in together on a trial basis.


Friday 15 August
As Darcy’s crush grows, Jett offers to walk her home – but when he explains that they are just friends, she bursts into tears, which leads to Heath getting the wrong end of the stick. Leah worries for Nate after he reveals the depth of the feelings he still has for Sophie. She also explains to Matt that it is perfectly feasible for him and Sasha to be school captains and still be in a relationship.