Tom Hiddleston tweets group picture from the set of High-Rise

Check out the moustache on Luke Evans… and the picture has already had a Lego makeover

Actor Tom Hiddleston has given us a sneak peek into the goings on on the set of High-Rise, with a quick group selfie. 


The film, adapted from J. G. Ballard’s dystopian novel, sees a group of residents in a futuristic apartment block turn on each other after they’re self-contained amenities cut them off from society.

Hiddleston plays the part of Dr. Robert Laing, an instructor at a local medical school, who becomes embroiled in the suddenly tribal environment of the block.

By the looks of things, Hiddleston (Thor, Only Lovers Left Alive) will be donning sharp-looking suits for the part, complete with neatly styled hair.

Luke Evans (The Hobbit, Dracula Untold), seen sporting a rather dashing moustache, takes on the role of television documentary producer Richard Wilder. While Laing lives up on the twenty fifth floor, Wilder lives on the second. As more groups and gangs develop, where you live in the block becomes of vital importance.

Put it this way, they probably won’t be huddling up close for selfies.

Alongside Evans and Hiddleston is director Ben Wheatley, who has recently worked on series 8 of Doctor Who, and High-Rise’s director of photography Laurie Rose.

Of course, what would a star-studded selfie be without a Lego make over? 


High-Rise is expected in cinemas next year