X Factor: Judges impersonate absent Simon Cowell

Forget Simon Says, Mel B, Louis Walsh and Cheryl play ‘What would Simon say?’


A migraine forced X Factor judge Simon Cowell to skip yesterday afternoon’s London arena auditions, giving the remaining three judges a chance to have a go at ‘being Simon’.


Mel B, Cheryl and Louis Walsh seemed to quite enjoy thinking up what Mr Cowell might say to the singers, which involved using the word ‘darling’ quite a lot.

“I’m going to pretend I’m Simon Cowell,” said Walsh to one successful act, “Yes, darling.”

Although, according to Mel B, it’s not always that easy to try and speak the way Cowell does.

“Simon would probably say something abstract like, ‘A fly is a fly’. I don’t know what it means, he said it yesterday,” she joked to the judges.

But Simon wasn’t completely absent. The trio was helped out by a bobblehead toy of Cowell, which took up residence in front of his microphone. Cheryl did try and put him on the floor, with calls from the crowd to knock his head off, but generally he nodded a lot. As is the nature of the toy, if not the man. 


X Factor is expected to return to ITV at the end of August