Meet the Made in Chelsea NYC newcomers: Carson Eisenhart

The 24-year-old charms the pants off prospective luxury home-owners by day and parties in the Big Apple by night...

Made in Chelsea has moved to Manhattan for the summer – where the well-heeled twenty-somethings are joined by a batch of brand new Americans. The newbies are as glossy and polished as their British counterparts, and about to cause just as much drama.


MEET… CARSON EISENHART, 24, a Dallas-born real estate worker

What do you do for a living?

I’ve just started working in luxury real estate. Previously to that I worked for Louboutin for three years in sales. They’re not so different. The same people who buy a £3,000 shoe is buying a £3million house. I like to think I’m charming enough to sell both!

Have you worked out the history of the Made in Chelsea gang – like who’s dated who?

I’ve pieced some of that together. There’s a lot of triangles there. But at this point, all that seems history. It doesn’t seem to be plaguing anyone…I only see the happy bits!

The MiC gang are super privileged. Are you from a similar background?

I don’t know if I would say so quite as much. I grew up between Dallas and Tokyo, and I went to a private school in Tokyo when I was 12. I’m maybe privileged compared to the rest of America but in New York, absolutely not as much as some. I don’t have an apartment and I’m not living off my dad’s credit card so I’m not like some people. My dad is an engineer and mum is a homemaker. They live in North Texas. I’ve been in New York for two and a half years.

Was it intimidating, joining a bunch of people who already knew each other?

Not really. Everyone asks the same thing but it’s not been like that. Everybody says, ‘That must have been so overwhelming, to hang out with Spencer and Jamie who are best friends for years,” but it isn’t. It’s been fun. Not knowing anything about them meant I couldn’t be intimidated by them. And anyway, I’m gay so I’m not competing with the guys. And I didn’t go into this looking for love, just a fun thing to do in the summer. 

What were your first impressions of everybody?

I love everybody. I’m now genuinely friends with Jamie and Spencer. I think they’re awesome. They’re so much fun. They have no preconceived ideas of hanging out with a gay guy. The girls, I love them. 

Have you been out with the boys when they’re on the pull?

On the pool? On the what? Oh, when they’ve been looking for girls! Yeah, I’ve seen them in action. It’s fun to watch. But I think Spencer maybe behaves more around me a bit. I think he’s trying to impress me and the other new guys. I’m very entertaining with the straight girls. I’m a bit of a gateway for them. 

Do you think there are cultural differences between New Yorkers and Londoners?

Not really. It’s the same social circle but in a different city. Everyone is very well travelled so it’s the same mindset. There are little cultural differences. Like, it’s not called “on the pull” in America! But the overall ideas are the same. The only thing I can think of is that we eat out every day in New York. We don’t cook.

Not too dissimilar from Chelsea, then! What about different attitudes towards dating?

Dating is casual in general over here but it depends on the person. Personally, I take dating very seriously. There will be people over here who will date someone for three months and still be seeing other people. It’s very easy here to grab a coffee. A date is more relaxed and common. But cheating is non-negotiable in my mind. It’s something I don’t do and don’t put up with. I’m not judgmental. If you do that then it’s your life. But if it were to happen to me or to one of my best friends my advice would be: leave. If you’re in a relationship and cheating bothers you then it means the relationship is serious and it shouldn’t be happening.

Do you hang out with any celebrities?

I don’t enjoy being around celebs. I think a lot of them are stuck up and not very real. I’m just not impressed. 

Would you like to come to London at any point?

I’d love to see Spencer and Jamie in their natural habitat. 

Like gorillas?

A bit, yeah! It would be incredibly fun. I haven’t been to London since high school. I went with my family as a tourist. It wasn’t exactly going to all the cool places. Jamie is insistent that I come visit and that I stay with him. 


Made in Chelsea NYC starts on Sunday, August 10 at 9pm on E4