Richard Osman goes solo for new BBC quiz show Two Tribes

The presenter will be without his Pointless chum Alexander Armstrong in the brand new game show launching on 18 August this year


The Pointless power couple have split up (temporarily at least) as Richard Osman leaves his quiz show buddy Alexander Armstrong to go solo, hosting new BBC2 show Two Tribes, which launches on Monday 18 August.


“I’m absolutely delighted to be hosting Two Tribes,” said Osman. “It’s so simple and fast-paced, but tells us so much about what British people are like. I am worried I will miss Xander though.”

The new quiz will air at 6pm every night on BBC2, conveniently just after a repeat of Pointless on BBC1.

The aim of the game is to test how much contestants have in common as well as their general knowledge. Before every episode the seven contestants are asked a series of probing questions about themselves. They are then split into two “tribes” based on their answers, before battling it out in a general knowledge showdown.


Each round sees a player from the losing tribe eliminated and a new set of tribes created until just two players remain. The final two will go head to head for that day’s prize.