Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

4-8 August: Jett gets out of his depth, while Sophie has some unfinished business with Nate

Monday 4 August


John, Marilyn, Alf and Brax are concerned that Jett has gone missing, so they head down to the shore to look for him. They find that Alf’s boat has also gone, then see a desperate Jett deep in the water calling for help. Kyle is shocked when he spots Mark meeting up with his attacker, so he invites Mark over to see if he will come clean. Mark’s response leaves Kyle with a tough choice. 

Tuesday 5 August

Oscar’s meeting with a psychologist puts him in good spirits. However, Hannah finds him after a sleepwalking episode and when she suggests he goes back to school he takes a turn for the worse. John is not in the mood to compromise with Jett after his stunt with the boat but, after seeing how bad he feels, John realises this could be a way to get the two to communicate. Kyle, Mark and Brax enter into a game of bluff. 

Wednesday 6 August

Sophie refuses to leave Nate alone and begs for his forgiveness. Heath finds out from a third party that Bianca applied for a transfer, meaning that this is crunch time for her and Harley. Hannah takes Oscar to the gym to ask Andy for his help, but Andy’s extreme reaction is the last thing she was expecting. 

Thursday 7 August

Nate’s past catches up with him as Sophie makes her situation clear. Buried feelings rise to the surface, blurring Nate’s judgment. He may be about to make the biggest mistake of his life. When Brax finds Casey sulking at home, he tells him to be big and fight. Casey takes his advice and lays his soul on the line to Denny. Confused and compromised, Bianca finds some comfort in Sophie’s words of encouragement. 

Friday 8 August


Casey gets his reply from Denny. Sasha finds Matt sleeping on the floor at school and encourages him to ask Leah for help. A worried Marilyn is in danger of killing her relationship with John before it has started, but his playful nature puts her mind at rest. She seems happy just to be with him, but can those nagging doubts be banished forever? The study group provides Spencer with some unwelcome extra homework.